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Where is check-in?

First day of camp from 3:30pm - 5:30pm at the downstairs commons area at the Washakie Center. Campers will have an opportunity to take their luggage to their dorm room before camp begins at the Fieldhouse.

When is check-in and checkout?

Check-In: 3:30pm-5:30pm at the downstairs commons area at the Washakie Center.

Award Ceremony: 11:00am at the Arena Auditorium (Clean Out Dorms After)
Check-Out: 12:00pm


Where is the check-in parking available?

Parking for camp check-in will be available in any of the parking lots around the dorms. The best places to park will be the Crane-Hill lot or the Orr Hill lot. Please be sure that you are not parking in the “U” permit or disability spots if you do not have a valid permit for those locations

What is the difference between commuter and overnight?

Both campers will receive the exact same instruction. The only difference is day campers commute home each day. Overnight campers have three meals a day (no meals on Sunday and only breakfast on Wednesday), commuter w/meals have two meals a day (no breakfast) and commuter campers will receive no meals.

What are the commuter hours and information?

8:45a.m. to 9:00p.m. - *Except for registration day which begins at 4 p.m. and the closing which ends at 12:00 p.m. Sometimes, guest speakers in the evening run a few minutes late – we apologize in advance for any inconvenience. The Fieldhouse will serve as your daily Drop off and Pick up location.

Dorm information?

Campers will be housed in one of our on-campus dormitory  halls. Campers will be provided a combination code for the individual dorm room and an access card for the main doors. These will be provided at registration and then you will have time to put your belongings in the dorm room prior to the 6:00 p.m. start.

Is there supervision in the dorms?

Camp staff stays in the dorms along with the dorm director. Each night at 11:00 pm, the staff makes rounds to be sure campers are in their assigned rooms and provide any help needed. Campus housing also provides 24-hour security.

What forms MUST be filled out and signed for?

The application form has all the required information needed. The form is not complete until there is:

1) Parent/Guardian Signature
2) Insurance Company Name
3) Policy Number


May parents watch?

Parents are welcome and encouraged to come and watch  their  children. Although there is not a designated section to sit and watch, feel free to sit in any area that will not be disruptive to camp activity.

If parents stay and watch, where can they park?

We will have parking permits available for sale at registration. Permits will provide parking access in A, C, or R lots for Wednesday, June 7th. Each permit will cost $15. Parking not enforced on Weekend.

Free parking is available in the Ford Football Stadium Lot located east of the football field.

Is there a camp store / camp bank?

Yes. Camp bank will be available (optional) to leave money for campers to use towards snacks. Campers may buy snacks & drinks during their camp breaks. Pizza will also be available each night through the camp concessions.

All money deposited will be refunded at any point by parents.

What supplies do I need for overnight stay?

The most important items are bedding (twin sheets/blanket or sleeping bag, pillow), towels, toiletry items, four-day supply of gym shorts, t-shirts, socks, underwear and basketball shoes. It is strongly suggested that valuables (jewelry, watches, Ipads, headphones, etc.) be left at home to avoid loss or theft.

Is there a telephone in the dorm?

NO. Please establish times for your camper prior to camp. The best times are during meals and in the evenings back in the dorms. Cell phones will not be allowed during camp. Campers will have access to counselor cell phones in case of an emergency.

Emergency numbers?

Please don’t hesitate to contact:
  • Camp Director, Rob Watsabaugh at 307.730.6516
  • Assistant Camp Director, Kasey Lara at 307.413.4330


Daily camp schedules will be available at registration. The Fieldhouse will also serve as camp headquarters for information such as team & court location, games and activities. We will post signs that will tell you where to find your child’s game. Unfortunately, the team & court will not be available by telephone – you must use the posted information in the Fieldhouse. 

Where can I find additional information?

Visit our camp website, call our office at  307.766.5114 or  307.766.4939, or email